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Our UE charting plugins make it easy to leverage your data and present beautiful looking and accurate charts that will engage and impress audiences. 

  • Build charts in UE4 20 times faster! 

  • Drag and drop straight into UE4 

  • Link JSON data and Animate In, Out and Update 

  • Edit materials, fonts and animations 

  • Change titles and text annotations


Pie, Line and Column Charts currently available with more on the road map.  



Column Chart

A fully configurable column chart (aka "histogram"). As few or as many columns as you like, capable of showing all positive values or a mixture of positive and negative


Pie Chart

Colour coded segments with annotations, including the ability to explode them out for emphasis. Includes new doughnut option.


Line Chart

A chart. With lines! Animate lines in one-by-one, or all lines to stop points on the Y axis. Bring lines forward in Z for emphasis.

Data and Control

As standard you can use sequencer within UE to play out your charts with JSON data or alternatively use our Ignition UE Charting software that provides Excel/Google Sheets integration and a complete sequencing and playout. 


  • Builds for Ross Voyager available from the Ross Store

Stand out from the crowd by showing your important data in accurate beautiful looking 3D charts –download to try now!