Animate Charts with UE Sequencer

How to animate charts with different data sets from UE Sequencer

Step By Step Guide: Creating a Sequence

Get started by adding a chart to your level, and having the requisite JSON files to hand

Creating a level sequence

1 From the Cinematics tool select "Add Level Sequencer" and give it a name

A column chart added to the sequencer timeline

2 Drag your chart from the World Outliner onto the Sequencer timeline

Adding an event trigger to the chart instance on the timeline

3 Add an Event Trigger to the chart track

The event node for a column chart

4 Add a keyframe then double-click to open the "Sequence Director" > "Sequencer Events Blueprint"

Adding an

5 Drag out from the event node and add an “Animate to State from JSON” node

Pasting JSON data into the JSONString property

6 Paste your JSON data into the JSONString property

Connecting the node target to the column chart

7 Connect the "Column Chart" pin on the Event node to the Target pin on the "Animate To State From JSON" node

Different JSON data for each keyframe

8 Compile and save. Then rinse and repeat with additional keyframes and JSON data sets as required

Step By Step Guide: Playing Out The Sequence

1 To play out the sequence you can use the auto play feature. Drag the sequence into the level then select “Auto Play True” in the Playback editor.

Adding a Sequence reference to the Level blueprint

2 Alternatively you can use a keyboard trigger: open the Level Blueprint, right-click and select “Create a Reference to ‘your sequence’"

Adding a Play node to the JSONSequence reference

3 Now connect the JSONSequence node to a new Play (Sequence Player) node

Adding a space bar keyboard event node

4 Now we'll create a keyboard event: right click on the blueprint and search “Keyboard Events” and select any key you like. We'll choose the space bar (you can of course just search directly for space bar)

A space bar keyboard event node

5 A space bar node is created. Link the "Pressed" pin to the Play node. Press compile and save and now when you play your level you can press space bar when you are ready to animate