Changing the Maximum Number of Columns

How to make space in the designer for a larger number of columns

Step By Step Guide: Changing the maximum number of columns

If your data needs more columns than are currently being shown in 'Preview', this is how to change the Chart Plugin setting to enable all of your data to be depicted.

The issue - data is for 8 columns - the plugin has settings restricting it to depict 5 columns

1 So, here is the issue. VP is set with a sequence point that is using a column chart connected to a UE Idonix Column Chart Plugin, that has settings that restricts the number of columns to 5 (2021-2025). VP Data Management is using a google sheets link with data for 8 columns covering 'VP Growth in Millions' from 2021 to 2028. Note - the image is in dollars, however, this can easily be changed in VP Sequence Editor to '£'s'.

Configuration / Preview Settings / Preview Series Count: 8  & Preview Column Count: 8

2 First the obvious settings to change within Details and below Configuration - Preview Settings:
Preview Series Count: 8
& Preview Column Count: 8

Configuration / Plinth Settings / Max Columns: 8

3 Now, the less obvious. In Configuration below Plinth Settings, change the 'Max Columns to 8 also!

Configuration / Plinth Label Settings / Label Location

4 Now the plinth label may need to be moved - if you have it switched on. In configuration below 'Plinth Label Settings', alter the XYZ of 'Label Location' to an appropriate position, e.g. X:-30 Y:195 Z:120