'User Input Node' graphic

A guide to creating a graphic and template set to demonstrate the use of 'User Input Node'

Caveat: You need to have Template Editor permissions. It may be sensible when naming new hooks, new templates or new template sets to add "TRAINING" as part of the name, to differentiate your work from 'live' production work. Do consider any 'Delete' actions carefully - is it your work you are deleting?


You need to have completed the tutorial 'User Input Node' functionality.

User Input Nodes

Using Ignition Post Win Client as a Template Editor

  1. Select the main tab DATA

  2. Select the sub-tab DATA PROVIDERS

  3. Ensure XMLTeam is selected

  4. Select the sub-sub-tab SCHEMAS & SEARCHES

  5. Below SCHEMAS, select the 'soccer event-report' schema

  6. Now ensure the 'USER INPUT DATA' sub-tab is selected in the right-hand pane

  7. Expand 'sports-content'

  8. Expand 'sports-metadata'

The tutorial 'Creation of hooks using the 'User Input Node' functionality' will have created some user input nodes.

  1. Check the following are in place:

    1. Node Label: Commentator Name

    2. Node Name: commentator

    3. Input Type: Options

    4. Node Label: Validate

    5. Node Name: validate

    6. Input Type: Bool

    7. 'Default Value': false

    8. Node Label: Home Team Kit

    9. Node Name: homekit

    10. Input Type: Options

    11. Node Label: Away Team Kit

    12. Node Name: awaykit

    13. Input Type: Options

    14. Node Label: FA Colour Strip

    15. Node Name: facolour

    16. Input Type: Options

The Schema

  1. Select the main tab DATA

  2. Select the sub-tab SCHEMAS & HOOKS

  3. Below SCHEMAS:

    1. Data Provider: XMLTeam

    2. Target: Production

    3. Schema: soccer event-report

    4. Sample Data: SampleData/soccer event-report/Southampton v Leicester City.xml

Create a Template

  1. Select the main tab TEMPLATES and ensure 'All Templates' is selected

  2. From within the 'Search Template' pane, click 'Add new Template to All Templates'

    1. Within the TEMPLATE sub-pane, rename: User Input Node Hooks

  3. Click 'Select'

  4. In the right-hand side sub-pane BROWSE SCENES:

    1. Ensure Renderer Domain = Viz

    2. Ensure Graphics Hub = Post

    3. Expand: 000_MY_TEST

    4. Highlight: 3_Line

    5. Click 'Refresh Thumbnail and Scene Controls'

    6. Click 'Click button to make this the current main scene'

  • In the sub-tab CONTROLS, below 'SCENE CONTROL OBJECTS':

    1. Choose Scene: 3_Line

    You will notice the 'Scene Control Objects' in the sub-pane, below 'Search Scene Controls':
        Richtext 1001 Full_1
        Richtext 1002 Full_2
        Richtext 1003 Full_3

    Beside each of the scene control objects, there is a 'double-headed arrow' icon

  • Below the main pane, add a 'Data Selector' control

    1. Set Schema to: soccer event-report [XMLTeam]

  • Add a 'Data Item' control

    1. Set the Hook to: User Input Node Hooks.Commentator

    2. TICK 'Show To User'

    3. You will notice the template control (i.e. Data Item) has a greyed out 'double-headed arrow' icon.

          If you hover the mouse over the icon: 'Drag a scene control here to bind'

      To be able to match a scene control object to a template control, you need to BIND the two controls. This is achieved by doing exactly as the icon hinted. By clicking the mouse on to the icon of the scene control object and "dragging" it to the icon on the template control. You will know when you have been successful - it turns yellow.

    4. BIND the 'Data Item' template control to the scene control object: 'RichText 1001 Full_1'

  • Add a 'Data Item' control

    1. Set the Hook to: User Input Node Hooks.Homekit

    2. TICK 'Show To User'

    3. BIND to 'RichText 1002 Full_2'

  • Add a 'Data Item' control

    1. Set the Hook to: User Input Node Hooks.Validate

    2. TICK 'Show To User'

    3. BIND to 'RichText 1003 Full_3'

    Create a Template Set

    1. Below the main tab 'TEMPLATE SETS', above the left-hand pane for 'Search Template Sets', click the 'Add' button

      1. Rename: User Input Node Hooks

      2. TICK 'Active'

      3. Click 'Save'

    2. Below the sub-tab 'TEMPLATES', below 'Search Templates (i.e. on the right-hand side)

      1. Highlight 'User Input Node Hooks' and click 'Add Template To Template Set'

    3. Below the sub-tab SUBSETS, below SUBSET, from the available fields within the 'User Inputs' sub-pane, TICK the following:

      1. Commentator Name

      2. Validate

      3. Home Team Kit

      4. Away team Kit

      5. FA Colour Strip

    4. Save

    Web Client

    Using the Web Client to view your new template. Remember to Login as a Template Editor, as the template is not yet published.

    1. In the 'Templates' pane, select the set: User Input Node Hooks

    2. Ensure the sample data is selected, i.e. SampleData - soccer event-report - Southampton v Leicester City

    3. Select the 'User Input Node Hooks' template

    4. The Edit' pane will populate.

      Note in the 'Edit' pane the lower sub-pane can display either a 'Preview' of the graphic or it can show you the data being provided to the graphic, i.e. a 'Dataview'. You can simply switch between these two views by clicking the button in the top right-hand corner of the sub-pane

      The 'Edit' pane 'data view' pane is populated with:
        Data Output
        1001: _ ?
        1002: _ ?
        1003: false

  • In the 'Templates' pane, from within the 'User Input Data' sub-pane, change the following:

    1. Commentator Name, from the options select: Steve Wilson

    2. Validate, TICK --- this makes the boolean 'true'

    3. Home Team Kit, home

    4. Away Team Kit, away

    5. FA Colour Strip, RED

        Data Output
        1001: Steve Wilson
        1002: home
        1003: true

    Note there is a 'pencil icon' adjacent to each field. Hovering the mouse will show 'Override'. This is because each of the user input nodes during their creation had the 'Allow Override' TICKED.

    1. From within the 'User Input Data' sub-pane, click the following:

      1. the 'Override' icon adjacent to 'Commentator Name'

    The icon changes to 'Revert to options' and the field empties allowing new text to be entered.

    A scenario for when 'Override' may be needed. For an Operator to make edits to a graphic if the 'Commentator Name' is not one of the options entered during the creation of the user input node.

    A scenario for the 'Validate' user input node. A condition can be applied to templates included in an automated template set. The condition could be that the template is only used when the condition is met - in this instance when an Operator has changed the boolean setting from 'false' to 'true'.

    Information about what version of the strip a team is wearing is not normally provided by the XML data provider, it is also a decision often made only shortly before a game. Here an Operator can choose from the options of a strip. This information is required to ensure relevant graphics (e.g. formation) can reflect the strip being worn. NOTE - The 'FA Colour Strip' can be used to differentiate the background settings for teams for which imagery is not held.

    'User Input Node' graphic