Save a populated graphic for re-use

Guidance on how to save a graphic so that it is available to be used repeatedly

If you have a 'manual' (i.e. not data-driven) graphic that you want to use on a regular basis, perhaps with minor changes each time, then you can save it for re-use. Saved graphics make use of the Ignition Post 'Template Sub Sets' feature, so this must first be enabled for your Template Set.

Enable the Template Set for Saved Graphics

You'll need to log into the Post Windows client with the Template Editor role to perform this function.

Switch to the TEMPLATE SETS tab, select the Set you want to enable, then choose the 'SUBSETS' tab on the right panel.

Save a populated graphic for re-use

Select the "Saved" subset and mark it Active. Job done!

Saving a New Graphic and Accessing Previously Saved Graphics

OK, now we can make sure this has worked. Log into the web client with Operator privileges and select the appropriate Template Set. Choose the template you want to use, make your edits, click the 'Save' button, then 'Save as new graphic' in the resulting dialog:

Save a populated graphic for re-use

You should now see the newly saved graphic in the 'Saved' sub set.

From here you can opt to edit the graphic, prior to rendering and even save it out as another new version.