Unreal Engine Plugins

Our UE4 plugins are designed to allow easy live data-driven visualisations inside Unreal Engine. We include support for native UE (you can use these in platforms such as Disguise and Mo-Sys), Ross Video’s Voyager, Aximmetry and Reality Engine from Zero Density (in un-cooked mode only).

They comprise the following:

Column Chart

A fully configurable column chart (aka "histogram"). As few or as many columns as you like, capable of showing all positive values or a mixture of positive and negative

Pie Chart

Colour coded segments with annotations, including the ability to explode them out for emphasis. Loads of animation options

Line Chart

A chart. With lines! Animate lines in one-by-one, or all lines to stop points on the Y axis. Bring lines forward in Z for emphasis

Virtual Screen

Assign NDI or still image sources. Tile multiple screens and choose from preset or custom bezel geometries.

There's a bunch of stuff to check out below, but downloading the evaluations is probably the best place to get started

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How to install the plugins and use them in your level

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Make them look and behave the way you want


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Understand the json schemas so that you can send data to them in the correct format

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Control them from the platform of your choice


Check out our Unreal Engine knowledge base

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