Installing the UE Plugins

Just as with any other UE4 plugin you can add them to the Engine (in which case they will be globally available in any project), or to a given project. The process is pretty much the same either way:


You need to be running UE 4.25.0 or later. Note that the “Core” plugin is a common dependency of the others.


Download and unzip the plugin.

To make the plugins globally available copy the root “Idonix” folder:

  • For native UE4 to "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\{UE Version}\Engine\Plugins"

  • For Ross Voyager to "C:\Program Files\Voyager\Engine\Plugins"

If you only want to use them in the given project copy the root “Idonix” folder to "{Your project name}\plugins"

If you have all the plugins installed your folder should end up looking like this example (installed globally for native UE4):

NB  The “Core” plugin is a dependency of the others (it contains common library functions), so you’ll need to always install this in the same way.


  • Open your project in Unreal Editor, open the Plugins browser, navigate to the Idonix folder and check the “Enabled” boxes (if you’re not seeing an Idonix folder here go back and double check you placed them in the correct location in the step above)

  • Restart Unreal Editor and you’re good to go!



How to install the plugins and preview data in them