What We Do

Invisible Software for Broadcast and Live Events

That’s what we make. Seems like a strange claim. What is invisible software?

Invisible software doesn’t get in the way. It allows producers to get on with their job with minimum fuss.

It’s robust. It’s slick. It’s truly functional.

It’s all of these things because we’ve been in the business for a long time, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

The Power Of Three



Integrating and aggregating

  • news wires
  • web services
  • external databases
  • social media
  • election systems
  • audience interaction
  • direct data entry
  • predictions
  • rules and standards



Analysing and Streamlining

  • newsroom integration
  • video streams
  • image management
  • confidence monitoring
  • information screens
  • presenter interaction
  • custom user interfaces
  • live updates
  • transition logic



Designing, building and automating

  • real-time
  • post rendered
  • lower thirds
  • full forms
  • virtual studios
  • augmented reality
  • touch screens
  • video walls
  • projection
  • digital signage
  • mobile and web

What Next?

You can buy or rent one of our packaged systems – such as IGNITION POST – to increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations and save you money, running it on-premise or in the cloud.


If you have a particular requirement or an upcoming event that needs a bit of TLC (such as an election), then get in touch and we’ll create something brilliant for you.

What our friends say

Idonix were amazing. Ignition - the stack builder - the stack transmitter - much more user friendly and easy to use, just a joy. I could even help Jeremy Vine jump back if he accidentally clicked on which was much more flexible than before. Idonix worked wonders - even building a stack monitor at the studio for Jeremy’s overhead projector so he knew what was coming next. Just brilliant!
Chris Cook - Director BBC Elections, Andrew Marr Show, Olympics

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