Who We Are

We're A Great Company To Work With

You ask us to deliver something. We agree a price. We deliver what we’ve promised (plus some!). We continue to look after you, and we make absolutely sure you’re happy. You pay us.

It’s that simple.

We're A Great Company To Work For

This is probably obvious, but we can’t be good to work with unless we’re also great to work for. We have a talented team of people who all love coming to work in the mornings. Meet them below.

With Experience Comes Wisdom

We’ve been doing this for a long time. Idonix was established in 1999 by Pete Griffiths and Paul Harrison, and we’ve now over 15 years’ experience in delivering systems for projects as diverse as Elections, Sport and Game Shows, for major clients such as the BBC, Microsoft and the Disney Corporation.

We’ve learnt a lot in that time. We know how the broadcasting industry works. We know there are no second chances. We know that creativity, quality and professionalism needs to run through every thread of our business.

Not Too Small, Not Too Big

There are enough of us to get the job done efficiently and quickly, and to spread skills and knowledge. But there aren’t so many of us that we can’t all fit round a dinner table.

We like being this size. It works.

Our Team

Idonix is about people. People who are creative, systematic, professional and unflappable.

Our Workplace

An important part of our ethos is that we should have a good working environment. So we’ve based ourselves in rural Shropshire in a beautiful 17th century building on Much Wenlock High Street. Originally an inn, then a bank (sadly we haven’t found the safe yet), and now home to Idonix.