Privacy Policy

This statement explains the data we may hold about you, how we use it, and the legal basis for this usage. It then goes on to explain your rights and what you can do if you feel they are being infringed.

Personal Data That We May Hold About You

Contacts List

Like any company we maintain a contacts list, and you may be on it. This is most definately not a list we use for mass mailings and marketing emails (otherwise we would most definately need your consent to hold this information).
If you are on our list, then we'll hold some combination of the following:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • one or more telephone numbers
  • your skype id
  • the name of your company
  • your mailing address

Other Information

Depending on our relationship with you we may hold additional information, for example:

  • We'll likely keep a history of our communications with you, for example in mail boxes on our email server
  • If you're one of our customers or suppliers then we'll hold financial records relating to you in our accounting system
  • If you're a customer then we may keep your records in our ticketing system

Where The Data Is Stored

Your data will either be stored on secured servers inside our network, or on cloud hosted services. Any cloud servers we use are located inside the EU or the US - if in the US then the service providers will be signed up to the Privacy Shield Framework.

How We Use This Data

  • We may use your contact details to email, call, skype, or even to write you a letter
  • If you're a customer or a supplier we'll use your financial records in the conductance of our business
  • If you're a customer we may use data held in our ticketing system to provide you with technical support

The Lawful Basis For Holding And Using Your Information

We believe that we have a lawful basis for holding your data and processing your data. This could either be because we have some form of contract with you, or because we believe there are other legitimate interests in doing so.

Performance Of A Contract

If we have some form of contract with you or you've asked us to provide you with a proposal, or indeed if we are responding to your proposal, then this provides the lawful basis for our use of your data.

"Legitimate Interest"

Even if we don't hold a contract with you, we still believe we have a legitimate interest in holding and using your data. This is because:

  • There is an extremely limited privacy impact on you
  • We think you would reasonably expect us to use this data in conductance of mutual business
  • We believe that going through the process of gaining your consent would be disruptive given that you are unlikely to object to our use of your data
  • We think there is a clear benefit to us and to you

Your Rights

If at any point you feel that the information we may keep about you is unjustified or incorrect, then you do have the right to see it, have it corrected, or even to have it deleted (seems a bit rash!).
If you wish to exercise any of these rights you should let us know . If you feel that your enquiry has not been correctly dealt with you can contact the UK Information Commissioner's Office

Last updated: January 2021