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Google Analytics

Like millions of other websites we use Google Analytics on It grabs data about you such as: what website you came from to get here, which pages you visit and how long you stay for, what kind of computer you’re using, and your approximate geographic location.

All data is anonymised: no personally identifiable information is captured.

The tracking information allows us to better understand the kind of people who visit us and what they’re reading. This allows us to make better decisions about the design and content of our site.

All of this activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

LinkedIn Insights

Similar to Google Analytics, but a little more focussed. It sends data to LinkedIn in much the same way as analytics sends data to Google, but this time we use it to give insights into how users interact with the advertising campaigns we occasionally run on LinkedIn.

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Zoho PageSense

We use this tool to analyse how visitors interact with our website. It stores data such as what type of device and browser you are using, your approximate geographic location, and how you scroll web content and where you click.

No personally identifiable information is captured.

The information this gives us allows us to make our site easier to use and more relevant to our audience.

Find out more about PageSense's use of cookies and storage in your browser.

Last updated: December 2021