What our friends say about us

Their project management was excellent - with Idonix you are in good hands, I would recommend them for leading any project. Thanks Idonix - we hope to work with you again in the future.
Ahmed Bin-Afif, CTO, Al Sharqiya TV
Idonix were amazing. Ignition - the stack builder - the stack transmitter - much more user friendly and easy to use, just a joy. I could even help Jeremy Vine jump back if he accidentally clicked on which was much more flexible than before. Idonix worked wonders - even building a stack monitor at the studio for Jeremy’s overhead projector so he knew what was coming next. Just brilliant!
Chris Cook - Director BBC Elections, Andrew Marr Show, Olympics
I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for your contribution to election night. It is such an advantage to us to have the benefit of your expertise and experience on a huge project like this -- and this time it paid off for us in so many ways. All the graphics were speedy, up to date and consistent with each other. And the simplicity of the user interface meant we had no problem introducing new people to the project. Your positive attitude to problem solving is so refreshing -- and vital to the success of a project like this.
Diana Martin, Deputy Editor, BBC Election Specials
...the programme worked superbly and made the concept of a full variety show with only two hours rehearsal a reality. It gave the show real pace, complexity and a fullness that just wouldn't have been possible in the past. It was a real groundbreaker!
Grenville Houser, Producer, Outrageous
It is more than appropriate to thank you for your valuable contribution to the Probe project both pre and post implementation. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that the technical innovation underpinning all major computer projects is never truly understood or recognised within companies but without the pioneering work performed by you, our project could never have materialised in it's present fully functional form.
Bryan Cowley, Head of IT, Brintons Limited
Idonix deliver a quality product and always meet their deadlines - improving workflow and data management
Siena Dixon, Fanview
I can count on one hand the suppliers I’d want to work with again, and Idonix are one of them
Technical Executive, Major UK Sport Broadcaster
...throughout you showed a real understanding of the editorial demands, and a great sensitivity to what we were trying to achieve...
Diana Martin, Assistant Editor, BBC News