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Millions of people have seen our graphics services through flag ship shows on BBC News, BBC Sport and within the eSports and media production industries.

Find out more about the many services we offer: complete data integration and real-time graphics workflow for elections, esports, sport, game shows and corporate presentations, and not forgetting smaller projects such as unreal programming, web development and others.


Election Graphics

They're a complicated beast. Introducing the perfect solution to help raise your election game to epic proportions, as trusted by the BBC since 1999

  • Aggregate and analyse data
  • Zero training interfaces – reduce staff training time
  • AR and VR, full form and touch screen graphics
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There’s no denying it. eSports are a big deal. We've taken our battle-hardened election expertise and translated it to an eSports offering that really delivers

  • Get analysis on air quicker
  • Support multiple renderers – HTML & baseband HD-SDI
  • Drill down to key teams and players
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Sport Graphics

No matter the sport, Ignition's control system will deliver a world-beating interface for driving live graphics from real-time sports data

  • Data triggered automated graphics
  • Fast interfaces for easy operation
  • Cloud or on-premise control, local or remote
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Game Shows

Question Databases, buzzers, lighting control, script notes, rundowns, we provide it all for Quiz Shows, including providing the original question management system for Who Wants to be a Millionaire

  • Improve workflow and speed of turn round
  • Interactive and touch screen interfaces
  • Logic rules and database management
Find out about our gameshow graphics services
Pie chart in virtual set

Corporate Presentations

The demand for moving corporate presentations from in-person to virtual has exploded in the past year - we offer Unreal Engine integrated graphics driven by your presentation data, or audience feedback platforms - make your presentations pop.

  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Display meaningful data in beautiful 3D
  • Virtual and augmented sets
Find out about our corporate virtual productions


Our Other Services

We've a bunch of talented software engineers who have loads of experience in the TV industry and who are used to working to immovable deadlines. We can put our hands to all sorts of projects, big or small.

Unreal Engine

Our programmers can write bespoke blueprints or C++ plugins for Unreal Engine that let you harness the power of data driven real-time graphics within your virtual set

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HTML Graphics

Another disruptive technology in the broadcast graphics space! We can build custom HTML graphics for use with CasparCG or as overlays in applications such as vMix or OBS - achieving simple pres graphics at an affordable price

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We'll create your graphics in Singular Live, the increasingly popular cloudy HTML graphics platform. We can add tight real-time data integration and control interfaces

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EaseLive logo

Ease Live

A fantastic HTML graphics platform with interactive on-device rendering. We can help you with building front-ends and with API integrations

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CasparCG logo


As well as building great HTML real-time graphics we can help you deliver them via the fantastic CasparCG real-time rendering and compositing system

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We've been working with Viz Engine for yonks. We can build scenes from simple straps to graphics with complex transition logic using our renowned expertise in Viz script

Zero Density logo

Zero Density

We can help with Blueprints for your project, and with custom integrations and control with Reality Hub

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Social Media Integration

We've integrated with all major soial media platforms, procuring and analysing audience engagement and reactions to live events, as well as pulling individual posts into graphics

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Data image

Data Wrangling

No matter the complexity, we can wrangle your data. From expertise in databases such as SQL Server, to writing code to ingest custom feeds from multiple sources. We even wrote the original question database for Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

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Azure and AWS logos

Cloud Development

Need help with Azure Serverless Functions or AWS SQS implementations? We've got that covered

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Ross Dashboard logo

Ross Dashboard

We can write Ross Dashboard interfaces for you - helping you leverage your XPression graphics and everything else in your Ross ecosystem from one place, built specifically for your needs

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Ross XPression logo

Ross XPression

We can help you put together clever XPression projects, from complex AR graphics to simple lower thirds. Our scripting expertise can pull them together with external control or via Sequencer

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Web Development

We can do back-ends in Node.js and front-ends in React and Vue (or of course plain old vanilla Javascript and HTML)

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Idonix Edge GPI

Hardware Interfaces

Need to integrate with studio hardware? Clickers and GPI, OSC, Midi and DMX. Raspberry Pi programming and more.

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Middleware image


We can write or consult on bespoke one-off applications to solve your problems. C#, C++, Javascript, Ruby, Python. SSO and MFA, HTTP, Sockets and databases. We can even help you rescue legacy unsupported softwares.

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We're also graphics operators. Providing a steady hand and a cool demeanour in live ops environments - in galleries and at OBs

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The Power Of Three


Integrating and aggregating
  • news wires
  • web services
  • external databases
  • social media
  • election systems
  • audience interaction
  • direct data entry
  • predictions
  • rules and standards


Analysing and streamlining
  • newsroom integration
  • video streams
  • image management
  • confidence monitoring
  • information screens
  • presenter interaction
  • custom user interfaces
  • live updates
  • transition logic


Building and automating
  • real-time
  • post rendered
  • lower thirds
  • full forms
  • virtual studios
  • augmented reality
  • touch screens
  • video walls
  • projection
  • digital signage
  • mobile and web

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Idonix were amazing. Ignition - the stack builder - the stack transmitter - much more user friendly and easy to use, just a joy. I could even help Jeremy Vine jump back if he accidentally clicked on which was much more flexible than before. Idonix worked wonders - even building a stack monitor at the studio for Jeremy’s overhead projector so he knew what was coming next. Just brilliant!
Chris Cook - Director BBC Elections, Andrew Marr Show, Olympics

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