Blurrt Integration

Our partner Blurrt provide a powerful and sophisticated sentiment and emotion analysis tool that can allow you to surface and display the most interesting, entertaining and relevant conversations on social media in real time.

Broadcast Graphics Integration

This is where Idonix comes in. We can offer a complete Blurrt graphics automation solution based on the proven Ignition platform.

Data Integration

Direct and seamless integration with the Blurrt data API

Prep and Playout

A slick GUI for creating graphics from data, adding imagary as needed, and playing to air

Graphics Display

A Vizrt scene targetted at use on "big screens", with tooling to add your own channel branding


Using Blurrt's powerful natural language analysis you can tell the social media story with compelling on-air graphics.


A one-stop representation of the activity of a campaign, factoring in both volume and positive sentiment


Of all tweets, how many have positive sentiment, how many are negative, and how many are just plain old neutral

EMO Ring

A full on analysis, breaking down tweets according to emotions such as "love", "anger", "confusion" and more


Tracking change in sentiment over time...


Drill down to individual tweets, moderated and stacked using the Blurrt interface

Word Clouds

Not just word clouds, but emoji cloads too if that's your bag!