Software Developer

We're not actively recruiting for this role right now...

...But we're always interested in talented people. Feel free to apply as detailed below and we'll keep your details to hand ready for the next time we have a vacancy.

We're Looking For A Newbie Programmer or an experienced software engineer

Do you want to work in a challenging and rewarding environment with occasional travel to TV studios around the UK and beyond?

Do you want the chance to learn new skills and develop a career in the digital media industry?

Do you want your craft to be experienced by millions of people across the world?

We’re looking for a newbie programmer or an experienced software developer to join us on a permanent basis. It’s aptitude not experience that counts.

You’ll be working as an integral part of our team in designing, implementing and testing new features in our code base. You’ll be working both on “one-off” service projects and in product development. You’ll also be diagnosing bugs, and implementing and testing associated fixes.

You’ll get involved in designing and implementing QA and DevOps processes, and in software deployment and management.

You’ll liaise with our customers in both requirements analysis and training. You’ll spend most of your time working at home or from our offices in Much Wenlock, but occasionally you’ll travel to customer sites in the UK and beyond for project implementation and support.

We currently use C# and XAML, HTML and javascript, some C++, and a range of third-party systems including the Vizrt and Unreal Engine real-time graphics rendering platforms. Experience in any of these is an advantage, but proven abilities in any language will be considered.

As you settle into your role you’ll take on additional responsibilities. These will include mentoring junior developers, leading design discussions and code reviews and contribution of major features to core frameworks. You’ll also be responsible for researching and evaluating third party tools.

Your salary will be dependent on experience. Our standard range is £20K for a newbie with a top rate of £40K for senior devs. We acknowledge that our salaries may not be the best in the business, but on the balancing side we won't squeeze you till the pips squeak - the work/life balance of our staff is critical to our collective success.

The closing date for this process is currently 31st March 2021 - but be aware that we reserve the right to close early if we find our dream colleague sooner (or indeed close later if we don't). You'll need to demonstrate your right to work in the UK.

About Us

We help broadcasters and production companies create compelling content for their viewers, with a focus on live data-driven graphics. Our data management systems ingest, aggregate and format content and forward it on in real-time to digital platforms and graphics control systems, and our graphics control systems put powerful story-telling tools in the hands of producers.

We take immense pride in the quality of our work, and millions of people across the world have seen the fruits of our labour. Our working environment is friendly and informal, and our projects are both challenging and rewarding.

We adopt the principles of agile development methodologies, for example test driven development and regular design and code reviews, but without the rigidity of scrum.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what we get up to (or take a look at our blog). If you're interested find out whether you might be a good fit and how to apply.

About You

You have an aptitude for coding: you think in a logical, algorithmic sort of way. And you’re proficient in some form of coding, either as a hobbyist or as a professional developer. You’re curious and have a thirst for knowledge in all things. You can reason verbally and visually about complex things in a way that colleagues and customers can understand. You have an eye for detail whilst still being able to grok the big picture.

You’re quick at picking things up but not afraid to ask questions. You know when you’re right about something and when to speak up. Equally you know when you’re wrong and when to shut up (you know what you know and you know what you don’t know). You enjoy being praised for good work. You’re a great team worker: you understand when major effort is required to hit a deadline and you work well under pressure. You are absolutely trustworthy and you’re not a clock-watcher.

You like making things and fixing things whether that’s software or bikes or DIY projects at home. You’ve a great eye for good design. You love making pretty things. You may even know your way around tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

You enjoy working with users and customers, and you’re good at explaining things to them in their language. You can think like them and put yourself in their shoes when they’re using your software.

If you have a relevant qualification - thats fine. And if you don't - that's also fine.

You’re cool with working core UK hours of 10:00 to 16:00. You’re happy to work from home most of the time but equally happy to make it into the office in Much Wenlock without too much hassle or expense. You’re looking for a long-term commitment with a small but steadily growing company.

You understand our culture. If you’re a Daily Mail reader or a Trump fan you’re not going to fit in.

Oh. And you know what a television is.

How To Apply

We will only consider applications accompanied by this short assignment.

We’d like you to undertake this assignment as part of your initial application because the code you write will tell us more than any CV or covering letter could about you as a programmer. And if you don’t find this interesting or fun, then maybe this isn’t the right job for you!

We’ll give every submission fully considered and constructive feedback, and you’re pretty much guaranteed an interview unless we think your approach and code is wholly unsatistactory.