Change Log

Ignition Post


Released on 29th June, 2020
  • Data
    • fix Data Hook Cloning bug - not cloning Value Transforms correctly
    • fix Improved error messages when handling badly formed or invalid XML from provider or sample data
  • Renders
    • new Added monitoring of Render Request Logs in System Monitoring
  • Users
    • fix Password Reset and Forgotten Password link bugs
  • Web UI
    • fix Saved Graphics User Options not appearing under some circumstances
  • Windows Client
    • fix Memory usage increasing over time and/or multiple re-connections
    • fix Tidied UI options around configuring Graphics Hubs and Connections
    • fix Template Sets / Templates view showing incorrect data subsets in list view


Released on 12th March, 2020
  • Renders
    • fix Viz output no longer shows incorrect characters in viz engine 3.14


Released on 3rd September, 2019
  • Win Client
    • new Improved client behaviour and logging on slower network connections


Released on 24th July, 2019
  • Security
    • new Enhanced security around storage of credentials to external systems


Released on 13th June, 2019
    • fix Better error reporting if sample data is uploaded but contains bad or invalid XML
    • fix Fixed an issue where trying to remove a Template control would not work in specific circumstances
    • fix Made it easier to select and re-order User Input Nodes when selecting them for a Template Set
    • fix Improved the editing of graphics hub and connection names
    • new Added a warning for saved graphics using out-dated templates
    • fix Image uploader warnings now consistent with Windows client in determining sizes and aspect ratios


Released on 25th February, 2019
    • fix Render config and drop location selections will now be remembered between browser sessions


Released on 18th December, 2018
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed image file upload problem when using Firefox


Released on 28th November, 2018
  • Assets
    • new Improved file upload/download performance for assets - e.g. images and viz archives


Released on 23rd October, 2018
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed the ability to save and recall manual graphics


Released on 20th August, 2018
  • XMLTeam Data Provider
    • new Added a user-configurable query string parameter to XMLTeam data provider Targets to allow use of an API key


Released on 22nd June, 2018
  • File Drop Locations
    • fix Improved handling of illegal characters in generated file names and folder locations


Released on 20th June, 2018
    • new Enhanced password security


Released on 13th June, 2018
  • Web Client
    • fix Improved support for local downloads of files with non-ASCII file names.
  • Windows Client
    • fix Fixed an issue that caused passwords to fail to change when expired


Released on 5th June, 2018
  • User Management
    • new Ability to monitor and easily delete inactive users


Released on 30th May, 2018
  • Operators Web Interface
    • new Choosing render configuration and drop location moved to preview panel
  • Renderer Domains
    • new Ability to have different render engine providers work with Ignition Post
  • Templates
    • new When building template controls you can now choose which scene you view the available scene controls for, the default being the main scene
  • Viz Engine Management
    • new Mirrored graphics hubs are now easier to deal with in Ignition using 'Graphics Hub Connections'
    • new New 'Assets View' that contains 'Image Sets' and also 'Scenes' management for renderers such as Viz and After Effects


Released on 24th May, 2018
  • Monitoring
    • new Added extra security monitors
  • Users
    • new Improvements made to new user invitations and password resets
  • Web Client
    • new Added links to privacy notice
  • Windows Client
    • new Added links to privacy notice


Released on 28th March, 2018
  • DATA
    • fix Deleting a Lookup will no longer cause an error
    • fix Removed old sample XML Team data files
    • fix Added checks to prevent issues when automatically clearing up expired render requests when a schedule may also be trying to generate a render for and old render request
    • fix Added fix for if scene data doesn't contain valid Live Stops information
    • fix Fixed an issue where changing user groups or password policies would cause an error if given an empty name


Released on 5th March, 2018
  • DATA
    • fix Improved handling of errors when importing Schemas from Data Providers
    • fix Creating new groups will no longer cause errors
    • fix Uploading an invalid image file is now caught and returns an error message to users
    • fix Rendering an unpublished template will no longer cause errors
    • fix Fix applied for evaluating a template with invalid data
    • fix The embedded preview will now allow users to select documents from Static Data Providers
    • new Help files updated with paragraph explaining document selector search and filtering behaviour
    • new User Input Data will now fetch the latest values at an interval to keep in sync with changes from other web clients


Released on 21st February, 2018
  • File Storage
    • fix Deleting render requests and the associated files that made use of a proxy storage location no longer causes errors if the proxy storage location is not available
  • Hooks
    • fix Improved evaluation performance for index hooks
  • Image Sets
    • new Image sets and images now use immediate mode saving
    • fix Looking up images in image sets by code ignores preceding or trailing white space
  • Reporting
    • fix Pool wait times reporting improved
  • Schedules
    • new Added a none option to the 'End Condition Hook' combo box
  • Template Controls
    • fix Obsolete template controls are now not an option when creating new template controls
    • fix Improved handling of Hook re-matching on template controls when the template has more than 1 document selector
    • fix Improved handling if a user has not chosen a filter hook for Data List Filter Controls
  • Template Sets
    • fix Data template subsets now check if one already exists before creating a new one
    • fix Don't display subset render set configs for subsets that are not in the template set anymore
  • Web Client
    • new Improved searching and filtering in combo boxes
    • fix Fix to issues with combo boxes not reflecting the correct selected item
    • fix Improved performance of very long lists in combo boxes and also only displaying top 500 results (but still allow searching and filtering of all results)
    • fix Appearance of user input combo boxes improved
    • fix Throttle requests to generate previews
    • fix Calling delete on a saved graphic twice from the web client no longer causes errors
  • Windows Client
    • new Lookup delete confirmation presents user with where the lookup is currently being used
    • new Truncate log messages to a reasonable size in the TCP connector Log
    • fix Adding missing delete confirmation dialogues


Released on 29th January, 2018
    • new Added extra logging around fetching and updating user input data
    • fix Fixed issue where selecting a template would not populate the edit panel


Released on 22nd December, 2017
    • fix User input data from web client now updates consistently when multiple items changed


Released on 13th December, 2017
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed error being caused by doc id not finding a matching document when creating a graphic and evaluating the title hook


Released on 4th December, 2017
  • File Drop Locations
    • new A new replaceable tag to make use of the schema's new title hook feature
    • new Improved UI and workflow for setting Drop Location file and folder naming using replaceable tags
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • new Ability to set a 'Title Hook' on a schema that allows processes further down the render pipeline to use this data driven value
    • fix Published hooks are now read-only


Released on 14th November, 2017
  • Schedules
    • fix Improvements to performance and resilience of schedules when there are a large number of events occurring at the same time


Released on 23rd October, 2017
  • User Input Data
    • new Ability to select which User Input Nodes should be displayed to an Operator on a per-Template Set basis


Released on 28th September, 2017
  • Data
    • new A new log to see requests to external data providers and files sent back
  • Schedules
    • new A new log to see the current state of schedules with more information on the renders they have created


Released on 19th September, 2017
  • Data
    • fix Improvements to parsing of date/times from data providers
  • Monitoring
    • new Improvements to monitoring log and information provided when choosing to acknowledge faults


Released on 22nd August, 2017
  • Data
    • fix Fixed bug where poorly formatted data returned from the provider would cause exceptions
  • Schedules
    • fix Schedule Items now hold state so errors from data providers or changes in the data subset don't cause them to be recreated
    • fix Schedule items now turn green while in view if they become live


Released on 10th July, 2017
  • Windows Client
    • new The date and time selectors now have the ability to switch between, and input, dates and times from other time zones, such as for XMLTeamProvider schedules


Released on 26th June, 2017
  • Automated Render Sets
    • fix Logic around checking if a render is unique takes into the data document that caused it to be rendered
  • File Drop Locations
    • fix Fixed bug around SFTP host names having trailing or leading spaces causing exceptions
  • Image Sets
    • fix Fixed issue with replacing existing images
    • fix Improved user experiance saving edits to image name, source and code
  • Output Config
    • new Reinstated {datetime} formatting for output filenames
  • Templates
    • fix DataTableControls are no longer allowed to incorrectly select DataListFilterOption controls in their Display Filters
    • fix Fixed an issue where the embedded preview would not show the selected template
  • User Input Data
    • new New ability to override Options type user input data with free text
  • Web Client
    • new Image controls display the images display name when displayed to the user
    • fix Removed save button for User Input Data
    • fix Fixed bug when viewing DataTableControls with Composite hooks
    • fix Changed dropdowns for better use on tablets/phones
    • fix Better dropdowns when near bottom of screens or limited space
    • fix Clearing a graphic now clears the data output preview
    • fix User input controls in image mode now populate with the default if a default has been selected in the web client
    • fix Image controls when toggled into edit mode have the current image pre-selected


Released on 26th April, 2017
  • File Drop Locations
    • fix Fix to {title}_{dateTime} replaceable tags not working in dropped file names
  • Triggered Renders
    • fix Assorted bug fixes to triggered renders
  • Web Client
    • new User-input data on web client now auto saves


Released on 13th April, 2017
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • fix Hotfix to hooks user input data functionality


Released on 27th March, 2017
  • Hooks
    • new Now possible to create Hooks onto Recursive Schema Nodes (e.g. if a Team has a Team has a Team...)
    • new Can now add constraints to lists that are themselves within lists that have not been hooked
  • Web Client
    • fix Web client no longer able to get stuck in the narrow-view menu when resizing window
    • fix Fixed bug with the drop-down boxes not being positioned correctly


Released on 20th March, 2017
  • Data
    • new Ability to filter and sort Data Documents per Data Subset
  • File Drop Locations
    • new Validation of File Drop Location settings is now done immediately and will update the user without having to press save
  • Schedules
    • fix When Data Subset criteria change, scheduled jobs will update to match the new list


Released on 6th March, 2017
  • File Drop Locations
    • fix Fix to File Drop Location LastSavedBy


Released on 6th March, 2017
  • File Drop Locations
    • new Template sets default output config alerts user if Default file drop location is inactive
    • fix File drops marked as inactive won't be inadvertently used if they were marked inactive during the render process
  • Render Sets
    • new New 'Analyse Permutations' button has better reporting of why graphics may not be rendered (because of conditions not met, or renders already existing etc)
    • new Condition is now a list of Conditions per Template
  • Systems
    • new Improved process of copying server data between machines and ensuring connections don't remain active
  • Template Sets
    • new Subsets tab - new document for Data Subsets in the list to match the icon on the web ui
  • User Input Data
    • new Option on Template Set of whether to show user input fields to the user for this Template Set
    • new Help files updated for this feature
    • new New Icon for Hooks bound to User Input Data
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed an issue with extra views appearing when resized down to single-column view


Released on 15th February, 2017
  • Hooks & Data Evaluation
    • fix Empty lists evaluate correctly
    • fix Data with missing attributes evaluates correctly
  • Rendering Pipeline
    • new Improvements to error handling of errors reported from Viz
    • new Improved handling of deleting old requests with now non exisit configs on them
  • Scheduled Jobs
    • new New Scheduled job to remove old render requests
  • Scheduled Renders
    • new Improved user interface for creating schedules
    • fix Schedules that have a fixed end date - improved behaviour when schedule ends
  • Templates
    • new Template Editors can now add new 'User Input Nodes' to schemas, and allow Operators to input this data on the web client per data document (for example to set the kit colours and referee name for a particular match)
    • new Improved behaviour on user option template controls when templates are published and republished
  • User Management
    • fix Password policies for users with all 3 roles now behaving correctly
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed bug where user could have preview locked to data output mode
    • fix Disabled Render Set configs are no longer displayed on the Web client
  • Windows Client
    • new Improved UI lists so they don't reorder while editing an item
    • fix Bug fix where published sets of hooks would sometimes not appear the first time


Released on 18th January, 2017
  • Data
    • new Improved error handling for importing lookup maps from excel
  • Hooks
    • fix Fix for empty lists in a data document being evaluated to having 1 item
    • fix Bug fix for issue with empty string conditions added to fix rows
    • fix Composite hooks can now no longer be used as a fixed row transform for a list hook
  • Rendering Pipeline
    • new Improved error reporting from Viz engines
    • new External library for SFTP client connections updated - Renci.SshNet v2016.1.0.0
    • fix Fix for issue where cancelled renders reported as 'Rendered'
    • fix Cancelled renders now don't leave half rendered files in the post output folder
  • Template Controls
    • fix Bug fix for Data List Filter Options Control
    • fix Bug fix for Data List Controls


Released on 20th December, 2016
  • Image Sets
    • fix Fixed an issue with downloaded images from the Windows client
  • Template Sub Sets
    • fix Fixed an issue with deleting template sub sets or schemas
  • Templates
    • fix Fixed an issue when adding Behavior Control to template


Released on 19th December, 2016
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • fix Fixed an issue when refreshing schemas for Static Data Providers
    • fix Handled a bug when trying to cancel a render request which had already been cancelled


Released on 16th December, 2016
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • fix Fixed an error when deleting hooks from lists
    • fix Deleting a hook no longer triggers lots of rebuilds of hooks, speeding up the delete action


Released on 15th December, 2016
  • Data Providers
    • new Better error reporting for invalid or incorrect data provider Urls
    • fix Changing the Url for a data provider target will now update correctly upon saving
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • new Fixed Row Transforms on Hooks can now be conditional
    • fix List Transforms Exclude fixed to exclude items as expected
  • Templates
    • fix Fixed a bug where expanding or collapsing a Template Control would cause the save button to enable
    • fix Fixed a bug where toggling the visibility of Value Transforms on a Template Control would cause the save button to enable
    • fix Fixed a bug where changing the List Size on a DataListControl would require the Template to be saved before being applied
  • Web Client
    • new Improved error message when unable to retrieve data to include the name of the Data Provider


Released on 12th December, 2016
  • Hooks & Schemas
    • fix Cloning a hook no longer incorrectly reports it as being used in templates
    • fix Composite hooks now correctly evaluating Index & Count hooks when used as a lookup fallback
    • fix Count hook will now evaluate correctly when used as a Display hook in a Data Item Selector control
  • Render Pipeline
    • new Improvements to reliability of SMB Share file drops, and reporting of problems
    • fix Fix for "Save report" buttons on renders tab
  • Templates
    • new Template name, description, scene and default settings can no longer be changed on a published template with no working version.
    • fix Changing the template set with the Preview tab open no longer gets in a loop of refreshing the preview
    • fix Changing the Template Set will no longer try to select a template from the list
  • Web Client
    • fix Template panel subsets no longer overlapping in IE11
    • fix Tidy of the right-hand render panel when resizing the column


Released on 16th October, 2016
  • Hooks
    • new Composite hooks Concatenate mode will now only join hooks that do not produce an empty value, for example concatenating home score and away score with ' - ' as the format string will return an empty string if the scores aren't present, and not ' - '
  • Templates
    • fix Fixed a bug where changing the selected item in the Templates view would not load the correct template in the Preview tab
  • User Management
    • fix Fixed an issue on the User Management view that was causing the client to behave slowly while navigating the list and inputting user names and email addresses
  • Web Client
    • fix Fixed a bug where operators would occasionally not see certain published templates


Released on 3rd August, 2016
  • Hooks
    • new Index hooks and count hooks can now be used in Controls
    • fix Index hooks and count hooks now report correctly in evaluation window on Data Tab
  • Template Controls
    • new Reference hooks are now available in DataItem Controls
  • Web Client
    • fix Reloading the web client will now set the correct Render Config


Released on 20th July, 2016
  • Web Client
    • fix 'Explore' subset now auto-populates players in templates after they have been searched for
    • fix Default Render Config is selected correctly on page load
  • Windows Client
    • fix Refreshing Schemas doesn't remove non existant schemas (for when the production target doesn't have the same schemas as the staging target)
    • fix "" magic word for Lookups now behaves correctly in Composite Hooks


Released on 7th July, 2016
  • Windows Client
    • new Added ability to add lookups on to Composite hooks - support ticket #4413060
    • new Single value hooks now usable inside child Composite hooks
    • fix Fixed issue where child hooks were not being cloned in the Schemas & Hooks view
    • fix Fixed issue with duplicate Template Subsets not being removed from the Template Subsets list


Released on 13th June, 2016
  • Web Client
    • new Web client clears graphic on changing template set/subset or data selection, and shows 'no graphic selected' when cleared
    • fix Saved graphics option now appears for regular Operators as well as Template Editors
  • Windows Client
    • fix Fixed issue re saving Templates - support ticket #5161925


Released on 31st May, 2016
  • Output Config
    • new Better logging of status and messages sent to and from viz engines
  • System
    • new Upgrade of Service with enhanced system logging for diagnostics, and improvements to stability
    • new Upgrade of windows client with performance and stability improvements
  • Web Client
    • fix Fix to issue where 'local download' did not work on certain browsers when graphic title contained a comma


Released on 23rd March, 2016
  • Drop Locations
    • fix SMB FileShare Drop Locations reworked to be more reliable.
  • Render Configs
    • new Ignition Post now handles Viz post render configs that generate multiple files (e.g. separate matte and fill).


Released on 13th January, 2016
  • Data Providers
    • new Data Providers can now have "Targets", which represent a source of data. In the case of XmlTeam, there is a "Production" target and a "Staging" target. These targets replace the previous "Production URL" and "Staging URL" fields on the Data Provider editor view.
  • Help
    • new Help files updated with new features and Template Sets promoted to a top-level section.
  • Hooks
    • new When a template is published, Hooks are now copied and stored with the Published version of the template. This prevents them from being modified by any future changes to Hooks and breaking existing published templates.
  • Template Subsets
    • new Data Template subsets can now be used to create a "Render Set" which is used to generate a set of graphics for a particular Data Document and set of Templates.
    • new dded extra information to some Template Subsets when creating and configuring them, such as which Data Provider and/or Target they are using.
    • new Default Output Config tab can now set the preferred Video and Image render configs as well as the preferred File Drop Location for Template Sets.
  • Templates
    • new Data Document Selector controls will include an option for which Data Provider Target to use to fetch Data from, if any are available.
    • new When a Template is published and it is targetting the Staging Target it will prompt the Template Editor whether to switch it to use the Production Target.
  • Web Client
    • new Icons now match icons used in the windows client.
    • new Available Render Sets will be shown at the top of the Template list when available.
    • new Default Video, Image configs and File Drop Locations from a Template Set will now set the relevant options when changing Template Set unless the user has manually changed them.
    • new Changing Template Set when a Data Explorer subset is selected will now update the subset if required.
    • fix Issue fixed that prevented Saved templates from working correctly.


Released on 8th December, 2015
  • Template Sets
    • new In addition to template sets being grouped into subsets based on what data they can be built from there is a new subset type called 'Data Explorer' which provides the old drill-down functionality on the Web Client. This is primarly for use with Data sets that do not provide their document information without exploration of the API, but also allows those more familiar with the older interface to use it if they wish. The availability of this feature can be controlled in the DataProvider settings.
  • Web Client
    • new Editing text when maxlength has been set to 0 now assumes unlimited length.
    • fix Various minor bug fixes and UI improvements.
  • Windows Client
    • new Better name sanitation when saving and downloading
    • new Better reporting to the user if their CSV file is malformed and improved import/export.
    • fix Two persistent crashes fixed.
    • fix Various minor bug fixes and UI improvements.


Released on 9th November, 2015
  • Web Client
    • new The selected Template (highlighted in blue in the left hand list) - is only highlighted when the associated data (e.g. Match in MOTD set) is selected from the data drop-down selector at the top of the left-hand list (so that Operators can see that the current graphic they are editing is based on the highlighted Template AND the specific match)


Released on 2nd November, 2015
  • Help
    • fix Various minor navigation bug-fixes
  • Web Client
    • new Renders panel now has the option to only show renders related to the currently selected template set in the left hand panel
    • new Operators can also choose to see only their own renders
    • new Operators can only delete their own renders


Released on 7th October, 2015
  • Hooks & Schemas
    • fix Various minor bug fixes
  • Template Sets
    • new New Template Sets functionality as per stage 1 of Ignition Post Roadmap to Full Automation - template sets now grouped into subsets based on what data they can be built from (e.g. Matches, Rosters, Manual etc. for football)
  • Templates
    • new Render configs can be 'still', 'video' or 'both', and are now set on a per Template basis (on the Template Editor screen)
    • fix Various minor bug fixes
  • Web Client
    • new Operators now see a new left hand panel based on new template set functionality - can select from subsets and choose data before creating graphics.
    • fix Various minor bug fixes


Released on 3rd September, 2015
  • Post Render Configs
    • new Added new button to create "Still Image Render Configs" along side "Video Render Configs" for rendering a single frame at the preview point of the scene.
    • new "Video Render Configs" can optionally include a "Snapshot" image when rendered, which will render a single frame at the preview point alongside the video clip.
  • Templates
    • new Changing the selected Schema in a Data Document Selector control will now try and update all controls' hooks for that Template to a matching hook on the new Schema.
    • new Uploading archives will update the thumbnail for all scenes and reload on the Viz Engine for the selected Template if necessary.
    • fix Unpublishing a template will no longer cause the template to reset and controls to be lost.
  • Viz Pools
    • new "Unload All Scenes" button added to Viz Pools and All Engines views to immediately unload all scenes in memory on the selected Viz Engine.


Released on 13th July, 2015
  • Data & Hooks
    • fix Sample Data 'peek' not working
    • fix Composite hooks evaluating wrongly under certain circumstances
  • Drop Locations
    • fix FileDrops not replacing illegal characters in file name
  • Web Client
    • new Better error messages to user when XMLTeam provider fails
    • fix Tidying icon alignments etc.


Released on 2nd July, 2015
  • Data & Hooks
    • fix Data View - Peek panel showing Sample Data for wrong Schema
  • Output Configuration
    • new New tab in Viz Pool panel to view Viz codec settings templates (e.g. QT_DNxHD_120, AVID etc)
    • new Viz codec settings templates can be copied from one Viz Pool to another (e.g. for OB setups)
  • Web Client
    • new Now 'touch-friendly' on touch-enabled devices, tablets, phones etc.
    • fix Tidying up single-column workflow on smaller screens.
    • fix 'Loading...' spinner fixed.


Released on 20th May, 2015
  • Schemas & Hooks
    • new Refresh button next to sample data drop-down now updates the names when they've changed
    • fix Fixed Row transforms no longer allow you to bind to a hook from within the list you are transforming (causes an infinite loop)
  • Templates
    • new Repeated bindings to lists now persist when publishing and unpublishing
    • new Display Filters no longer allow binding to hooks from document selectors
    • fix Repeated bindings to lists no longer cause an error when asked to bind to more items than there are viz controls to bind to
    • fix Deleting a published template no longer causes an error


Released on 29th January, 2015
  • Drop Locations
    • new New option to include the data document name in configurable drop folder or file name (using {docName} tag).
  • Templates
    • new Cloning a Published Template now creates a copy that is Unpublished
  • Web Client
    • new Saved Graphics sent direct to Render queue or Live stack use data saved at the time of saving
    • new Saved Graphics sent direct to Render queue or Live stack no longer appear first in Editor panel
    • new Saved Graphics sent to Edit panel first will update from data if appropriate
    • fix Saved Graphics bug fix - was appearing in wrong Template Set
    • fix Minor tidying of web interface buttons and labels


Released on 23rd January, 2015
  • Web Client
    • new Folder options removed from Saved Graphic tab
    • new Save Graphic button no longer offers a 'Folder' option
    • fix Saved Graphics now appear in the correct Templates Set lists


Released on 16th January, 2015
  • Help
    • new Help web pages behave nicely for printing
  • Templates
    • new Image input can lookup into ImageSet by Code or Name
    • fix Various minor fixes
  • Web Client
    • new Improved performance loading complex Templates with many controls.
    • new 'Loading' message whilst loading initial data for a Template.
    • fix Various minor fixes.


Released on 15th December, 2014
  • Data Hooks & Template Editors Screens
    • new Value Transforms can now be added to Hooks (Single Value) - with the same functionality as Value Transforms on Template Controls. Allows if-then and other transform logic.
    • new Data Item Control can now have List Filters set, potentially reducing the number of Hooks that need to be built in some scenarios.
    • new Changes to DataProvider/Schemas/Sample Data download controls to hopefully make more understandable.
    • new Updated Help files to reflect new controls functionality from last release.
    • fix Various bug fixes, including in cloning (duplicating) of Hooks and Templates.
  • Web Client
    • new Graphic Title (FileName) now appears in header bar.
    • new Document Selector (e.g. Match selector) remembers user's choice between different Templates that use the same Schema (document type).
    • fix Various minor fixes.


Released on 3rd December, 2014
  • Data Schemas & Hooks
    • new Invalid Data Hooks are indicated more visibly in the Hooks building screen with yellow or red warning triangles. Hooks may become invalid for a variety of reasons, such as the Schema being changed by the Provider or properties not being set.
    • new A new 'Rebuild All' button forces all Hooks to re-validate and attempt to fix up any errors automatically.
    • new Wildcard value ('*') is now supported as a Constraint value for List Hooks. This allows Constraints to be added to support Filters in Template Controls, without the Constraint affecting Sample Data output evaluation in the Hook builder screen, so that Constraints no longer have to be deleted and recreated.
    • fix Hooks with Lookups not evaluating correctly when within a Grouped List.
  • Template Controls
    • new New User Input control, allows choice of data type, and new type 'Position', and combined now with Image control. a) Position control can show x or y or z, and links to a ControlContainer plugin in viz. b) Image control can now link from data to an image in an Ignition ImageSet - selecting the image by it's Code value.
    • new New versions of Table and List controls, allows more precise control of editing by user: 'Display Filters' allow selecting which row(s) are displayed to the user in the data entry web screen, optionally linked to another selector control - e.g. selecting a single player from a formation list.
    • new Preview Point behaviour binding to User Options control now automatically populates with all Stops or Pauses found on the Default director.
    • new Old versions of controls have been left in the system so as not to break existing Templates, but are now marked as 'Deprecated', and shaded in light-red to indicate this. There is no need to immediately rework Templates with these controls in, but the controls may be removed some time in the future.
  • Viz Scene Parsing
    • new When Ignition parses a Viz Scene (on first setting on a Template, or on 'Refresh Controls' button), it now also checks the number of Stops or Pauses in the Default director. This is used to: a) Make a somewhat more accurate estimate of Clip Length. b) Automatically populate Preview Points when binding Preview Point to a User Options Template Control.
  • Web Client
    • new New versions of Template Controls have new corresponding Edit Controls on the Web client, along with some tidying of styles.
    • new Drop-down selector controls now also have select-up and select-down buttons for easier checking through of options. Useful for example for Preview selectors.


Released on 20th November, 2014
  • System Monioring
    • new New tab available to administrators - lets you see status of monitored processes within Ignition Post


Released on 10th November, 2014
  • Help
    • new Navigation through anchors via browser buttons
    • new Further help & documentation
  • Hooks
    • new Composite Hooks in Grouped Lists - new option to evaluate before or after grouping.
    • fix A number of minor fixes to editing screens.


Released on 21st October, 2014
  • Help
    • new Help web pages now allow searching within the page using the standard F3 search command.
  • Hooks
    • new GroupBy List Transform - allows grouping of list type data into consolidated rows, with sum, count, first, last, concatenated etc.
    • new FixedRows List Transform - allows specifying extra 'always-present' rows in list data, with values either from static text values or looking up to other hooks. Usefule for extra rows in scoreline e.g. Start, Half-Time, etc.
  • Templates
    • new Filters property for List and Table Templating Controls: here List data hooks have Constraints (e.g. 'team-alignment = 'home'), List or Table controls using that hook can now specify an override of the constraints' value. Allows e.g. filtering of timeline goals to a user selected value.


Released on 14th October, 2014
  • Data Providers
    • new New Schema Subsets option to create named sets of documents from the same schema but applying to different graphics.
  • Template Controls
    • new Template controls that can take user typed-in input now have options to force upper, lower, title case.
    • new InfoText control to put inline text/comments/instructions in a template.
    • new DataTable control now has 'Show Main Items only' flag to show/hide irrelevant viz control object values.
    • new Data Selector controls now use new SubSets option on DataProvider to more easily filter the document list.
  • Viz Scenes
    • new Upload & import Viz archive


Released on 14th May, 2014
  • Remote Storage Locations


Released on 10th January, 2014
  • Data
    • new Lookups and Fallbacks feature
  • Live Stacks
    • new LIVE STACKS configuration tab (Win client)
    • new Live Stack Tx-ing panel (Web client)
  • Render Pools
    • new Pending Requests button allows retrying/cancelling viz engine requests
    • new Improved Trace window for engine
    • fix Improved error handling around failed requests
  • Saved Graphics
    • new New "Save Graphic" feature
  • Templates
    • new Refactored/Redesigned Template Controls: Data Selector, Data Item, Data Table, User Input, Image Selector, User Option, Fixed Value
    • new ValueTransforms: Option with bound data fields to apply magic/logic (e.g. character substitutions, if-then logic etc)
    • new In-place Test/Preview Tab (Win client) - hosts special-case web client page