Change Log

Unreal Line Chart Plugin


Released on 16th February, 2021
  • Configuration
    • new Changed licensing to CodeMeter


Released on 8th February, 2021
  • Configuration
    • new Added render settings to allow for custom depth stencils for use in AR


Released on 5th January, 2021
  • Animations
    • new Added animation speed multiplier setting
    • fix Categories will now stretch to fill the length of the line chart, if less than Max Categories setting
    • new Added new text setting to toggle casting of shadows from 3D text
    • fix Renamed Plinth Length setting to Max Categories
    • fix Max Categories minimum value changed to one


Released on 11th December, 2020
  • Animations
    • fix Animation speed for highlighting a line no longer defaults to zero
    • fix Several crashes fixed when setting data in immediate mode
  • Configuration
    • new Added support for Idonix Main Controller plugin
    • fix Improved logging to Output Log


Released on 12th November, 2020
  • Animations
    • new New animations available for text
    • fix Made improvements to performance of Text 3D animations


Released on 23rd September, 2020
  • Data
    • fix Graphic now correctly parsing MajorUnit and MinorUnit as decimals from JSON


Released on 10th September, 2020
  • Initial Release


Released on 7th September, 2020
  • Animations
    • fix Ticks on the Y-axis now animate out correctly
    • fix Plinth no longer animates out when data set ID changes
  • Configuration
    • new Plugin renamed to IX_LineChart
    • fix Default animations updated
    • fix Properties on JSON preview controller re-arranged


Released on 2nd September, 2020
  • Animations
    • fix Improved default animations for labels
  • Configuration
    • new Added line graph icon to plugin
    • fix Re-ordered properties in the inspector panel


Released on 24th August, 2020
  • Animations
    • fix 3D Text now displaying correctly when in immediate mode
  • Graphics Control
    • fix Re-ordered properties for Preview JSON Controller


Released on 11th August, 2020
  • Initial beta release