Ignition Post for Adobe® After Effects CC®

SHROPSHIRE, UK ― 3rd April, 2018 ― Idonix, the data, workflow and graphics specialists, announce the release of Ignition Post for Adobe® After Effects® CC, a key component of Adobe Creative Cloud®.

Ignition Post is a file based graphics service designed to help content providers improve workflow by reducing time and user input whilst increasing productivity and accuracy. Already in use with major UK broadcasters, Idonix used open APIs from Adobe to create a fully functioning system for After Effects CC.

Leveraging their expertise from many years of graphics services in elections and sport, Idonix created Ignition Post to create post-rendered, data-driven graphics delivered accurately and efficiently to editing and social media workflows. Unlike other systems in the market, there is no requirement for producers and content creators to open After Effects to create, order and deliver graphics. Everything can be done from desktop, tablet or phone via a responsive web interface.

The system can be linked to any data provider and provides full administration tools allowing clients to maintain and develop systems themselves, adding new templates as required. Automated triggers can create graphics as live data events unfold allowing renders to be automatically delivered whilst events are still in progress. Existing users have seen significant benefits in reduced graphic-creation time and improved accuracy with some creating and delivering over 3000 graphics per month.

Ignition Post can be scaled according to user demand with full system and render management. Support is included for multiple output formats, languages and social media delivery.

Sue Skidmore, partner relations for Adobe professional video said: “We are delighted that Idonix have taken their existing technology and integrated it with After Effects, offering users the chance to take advantage of improved speed and accurate content.”

Pete Griffiths, CEO, Idonix, said: “Since the inception of Ignition Post we realised that if we could bring our functionality to Adobe After Effects users there would be great benefits for content creators struggling to keep up with the increasing demand of today’s data-driven graphics.”

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