Ignition VP

With our Unreal Engine Charting plugins we've already made it twenty times quicker to build charts in UE4.

Now with Ignition VP (or "Ignition for Virtual Production") we can help streamline your complete production workflow and get you on air quickly 

  • GET ON AIR - Easily visualise and leverage your data ten times faster  

  • DATA - Link Excel or Google Sheets Data with two clicks! 

  • SEQUENCE – build multiple timelines of charts with animations  

  • PREVIEW - Feel confident your charts are accurate in a live show 

  • WIN - Beat the competition and provide value and ROI

Manage Data

It’s ease to link an Excel file or a Google Sheet – two clicks and your data is available in the system. Google Sheets can stay live and automatically update your charts in real-time

Sequence and Animate

Build multiple sequences for different shows. Let Ignition handle the animations and logic between various different charts

Playout and TX

Play out your sequence confidently with built in preview or allow the presenter to control each step


Take your charts to the next level with Ignition VP

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