Live Graphics for BBC Spending Review Coverage

Using Viz rendering and IGO automation built and scripted by Idonix, BBC journalists get the headlines out right at the moment that the Chancellor announces them to the House of Commons.

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Workflow is key in the BBC’s live Commons coverage. Headline straps need to be transmitted at the moment the Chancellor makes each announcement in the Commons, and full form summary graphics need to be quickly assembled ready for studio discussions.


Idonix provided a fully supported IGO system, with workflow tailored to the particular requirements of the Spending Review using IGO’s innovative script logic. Graphics were built in Vizrt to the BBC’s design brief.



As the Chancellor makes his statement, a journalist keys in the salient points. IGO automatically creates and stacks headline straps ready for instant transmission.


Lower Thirds

Running on Viz Engine 3.2, the lower thirds (headlines, comment straps and name supers) were choreographed using Viz scene script controllers, keeping all transition logic on the renderer.



Summary graphics follow giving the bigger picture during studio discussions. IGO's intuitive workflow processes makes copying headline content into these graphics a breeze.


Full Forms

Viz full form graphics with a scene controller class allow us to run as few or as many pages as we like - and give the option of adding new pages to the stack seconds before transmission



Bar charts and line graphs that rise from the presenter's desk. With animating sections, rotating and lifting to highlight what's being discussed, the graphic presents data entered at the last minute by the operator.


Name Supers

Let's not forget the basics! IGO's graphics finder makes locating and transmitting name supers a breeze.


  • Headline straps are transmitted as the Chancellor makes his announcements.
  • Summary graphic stacks are prepared in a flash.
  • Informative and slick analysis graphics help to explain the story.

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