Web Graphics and Site Build for Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation - uncovering the truth behind brand names and supporting the growth of the ethical market. They publish a bi-monthly print magazine, and three web sites, including [www.ethicalconsumer.org](http://www.ethicalconsumer.org)

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Ethical Consumer wanted to give their primary site a fresh look, and add new interactive “Buyer’s Guides” to the site – a feature that allows users to order company rankings based on their personal ethical stance.

The site also needed to integrate with their new subscription management system, and to provide content management features in order to allow user editable text and additional functionality such as blogs and forums.


Working closely with digital marketing consultancy Orange Tree Digital, Idonix built the site on top
of the ASP.NET DNN 5 CMS. A custom membership provider was built to perform user authentication
against their subscription management back office system, and a total of sixteen different custom DNN modules were created, providing features ranging from eCommerce to custom search to those interactive buyer’s guides.


Interactive Data Visualisation

Interactive buyer’s guides allow users to customise their experience. For the technically minded: a jQuery UI and AJAX client requesting JSON from a RESTful web service sitting over the RefsBase data store.


Back Office Integration

User authentication and order processing that directly integrates with Ethical Consumer’s Myriad subscription management systems via SOAP endpoints.


eCommerce Processing

Credit card payment processing through the DataCash service.


Content Management

Integrated content management, and access to the many third party modules from the DotNetNuke community.

What our friends say

It is more than appropriate to thank you for your valuable contribution to the Probe project both pre and post implementation. Unfortunately it is a fact of life that the technical innovation underpinning all major computer projects is never truly understood or recognised within companies but without the pioneering work performed by you, our project could never have materialised in it's present fully functional form.
Bryan Cowley, Head of IT, Brintons Limited

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