Interactive HTML Graphics

Engage Your Audience With Idonix And Ease Live

As well as delivering traditional real time linear graphics workflows, Sixty’s Ease Live solution means Idonix can now simultaneously offer interactive HTML5 rendered graphics directly in browser or on device, all driven from the same data set and UI.

The confluence of linear and OTT broadcast workflows - whilst retaining the unique features and benefits of each - has always been a holy grail for broadcasters and content providers



In linear broadcasts your producers will have constraints in what they can put in their graphics. Eliminate those constraints with Idonix and Ease Live.


Your viewers can sit back and follow your linear broadcast on their mobile devices, or they can go entirely off-piste - drilling down into further detail, or back tracking to items of personal interest.


Ease Live enables you to create new revenue streams and to deliver contextually relevant ads and campaigns that are based on user profiles and geo-location.


Extensive analytics integrations let you measure everything you want allowing you to understand your audience behaviour. This enables you to drive constant product improvement and to measure success.



We'll work closely with your in-house design and editorial teams to build graphics that look great, meet their editorial goals and engage your audience.

If you don't have in-house design resource, then that's no problem, we have a talented team of designers we can call on.


We can integrate Ease Live into your existing automation systems, or we can use Ignition to build a bespoke data management and workflow solution just for you.

Idonix have many years experience in providing data, workflow and real-time graphics services.

What Next?

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