Get Your Story Across With Great Workflows

Analysing and Streamlining
  • newsroom integration
  • video streams
  • image management
  • confidence monitoring
  • information screens
  • presenter interaction
  • custom user interfaces
  • live updates
  • transition logic

Producers and operators need control applications for play out. Directors, editors and presenters need preview, information and confidence monitoring screens. Presenters need interactive tools such as clickers, tablets and touch screens. Support staff need good management tools so they can be proactive not reactive.

With IGNITION we can build custom workflow solutions to fit your specific needs. We can make this workflow INTELLIGENT to minimise your staffing requirements, and we can build custom user interfaces to provide search, stacking and play out tools relevant to each role, minimising training requirements. We pride ourselves on the fact that an operator can be playing live graphics to air after just a five minute introduction to Ignition.

And of course editorial requirements change in response to developing stories, and in turn workflow and rules need to adapt to these changing needs. IGNITION has built in flexibility to allow last minute adjustments: workflow changes, new search features and even entirely new screens can be deployed ON THE FLY without interrupting your studio time.