Information. Where it all starts.

Elections, game shows, weather graphics and sport. All rely on real-time data feeds.

Integrating and aggregating
  • news wires
  • web services
  • external databases
  • social media
  • election systems
  • audience interaction
  • direct data entry
  • predictions
  • rules and standards

Idonix can make sense of information. Leading on from the IGO automation system, our next generation IGNITION technology gives us the power to ingest vast quantities of data.

Graphics systems need to be able to integrate data from disparate sources - user input, databases, web feeds, social media, news wires, weather feeds and audience feedback systems. Aggregation and filtering rules have to be applied.

Following your editorial and technical briefs we can apply all of those complex formatting rules. We can integrate powerful prediction and analysis systems. We can present all of this data in a seamless way to the workflow. And we can do all of this DYNAMICALLY, making those inevitable last minute changes quickly and efficiently without interrupting the data flow, your rehearsal, recording or transmission