If the story starts with data, here's where it comes to a close

Designing and building
  • real-time
  • post rendered
  • lower thirds
  • full forms
  • virtual studios
  • augmented reality
  • touch screens
  • video walls
  • projection
  • digital signage
  • mobile and web

Graphics that are tightly coupled to workflow and real-time data feeds. Graphics that are informative, beautiful, fluid, and above all, captivating.

We’ll work closely with your in-house design and editorial teams to make sure that the graphics look great,
meet their editorial goals, and the logic works perfectly.

If you don’t have in-house design resource, then that’s no problem, we have a talented team of designers
we can call on. Want to build your own graphics? No problem either: we can collaborate closely with your
artists, adding control scripts to your scenes as required.

Workflow can extend into the graphics rendering systems - we can build ‘intelligent’ scenes that know their own
state and handle their own transitions and choreography.

Every kind of output can be catered for: lower thirds, full forms, touch screens, virtual and augmented reality,
projection and video walls. IGNITION can interface to any manufacturer’s rendering engine - we have considerable experience with many of the market leaders such as Vizrt, Brainstorm and tog3D.

Need to deliver your graphics to the web and mobile platforms? No problem either. We’ll create something in HTML5.