Powerful data meets cloud based graphics

Idonix have teamed up with Singular to let the power of Ignition drive complex live data into intelligent overlays.

Idonix are known for being the masters of complex data wrangling and visualisation. Need live data ingested super-fast? Need it available at the push of a button? Sorted, formatted and ready to go to air, milliseconds after it becomes available? Easy enough for a producer to operate? Ignition is what you need.

Now Idonix have teamed up with Singular to integrate connectivity between Ignition and Singular’s web based intelligent overlays. All the power of real-time data wrangling, sublime workflows based on quick-fire TX or rundowns can now be used to trigger Singular’s cloud based compositions.


Need help with your Singular builds?

Ignition data and workflow integration with Singular is but one part of the picture. At Idonix we’re experts in graphics builds. We can design and implement your graphics pack in Singular Composer, calling on the added benefit of our javascript and HTML coding skills where required.

And if Ignition isn’t right for you we can build a bespoke Singular Control App for you.

Idonix have over 20 years experience in the elections and news broadcast sector, as well as over 10 years experience in live and post production sports coverage. Not to mention experience over the last few years in the newly emerging and rapidly growing e-sports broadcast market. We understand the need for accuracy, speed and flexibility, which is why we guarantee all three when you choose Ignition to power your live broadcast.


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