Iraqi Parliamentary Election VR Graphics

Idonix delivered data driven election VR graphics for the Iraqi broadcaster Al Sharqiya TV using Ignition and Ross XPression

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The Brief

With impending Iraqi parliamentary elections broadcaster Al Sharqiya TV was looking for a supplier that could provide a fully integrated data mananagment and control system for an ambitious VR election special. At this early stage neither a studio nor a graphics rendering vendor had been identified, so Idonix were the perfect choice given their open approach to technology.

The Studio

After extensive research Al Sharqiya identified a suitable facility in West London - a virtual studio at IBC Tamil. This featuring three tracked cameras: two with pan\tilt\zoom heads and one with a Furio robotic track-based system. These fed into Ross Xpression engines and the Ross UX virtual studio control software, providing virtual set camera calibration, scene manipulation and robotic camera movement control. The studio was ably looked after by our partner Altered Images.


Idonix project managed and delivered the entire system. Full Mental Jacket were commissioned to design a new virtual set based on the Iraqi parliament building. This was then implemented in XPression and integrated into the green screen studio.

Using their Ignition software Idonix built a bespoke interface allowing the editorial production staff to build and stack graphics. When ready to go on air the presenter could trigger the animations directly using a hand held clicker or be assisted from the control room.

Ignition allowed operators with very little graphics experience to access results, build sequences and trigger animations within the VR set.

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What our friends say

Their project management was excellent - with Idonix you are in good hands, I would recommend them for leading any project. Thanks Idonix - we hope to work with you again in the future.
Ahmed Bin-Afif, CTO, Al Sharqiya TV

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