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BERGEN, Norway and SHROPSHIRE, UK ― 3rd April, 2018 ― Sixty, the interactive TV company, and Idonix, the broadcast data, workflow and graphics experts, today announced that Idonix is now a certified Sixty development partner. This means that Idonix customers can seamlessly integrate Sixty’s Ease Live solution, which is kick starting the next generation of interactivity through responsive and ‘viewer-clickable’ on-screen graphics.

Idonix has over 15 years experience providing data, workflow and real time graphics services, leading to the development of “Ignition”: an agile framework for the aggregation of data and the creation of easy to use workflows and UI – perfect for high demand live broadcast environments. As well as delivering traditional HD-SDI graphics, Sixty’s Ease Live solution means Idonix can now simultaneously offer customers interactive HTML5 rendered graphics directly in the browser or on device, all driven from the same data set and UI.

Idonix became a certified development vendor following the completion of a ‘Sixty Hours’ training session at Sixty HQ in Bergen, Norway in February 2018. The first fruits of this exciting new partnership were revealed during an Idonix demonstration at BVE 2018. An enhanced version of this demo, which shows how Ease Live can power an enriched Idonix interactive election night experience, will be demoed in Las Vegas (April 7th – 10th, 2018).

“We are graphics and workflow experts, but we were still amazed after our sessions with Sixty how we were able to efficiently conceptualise, create and develop our interactive election project internally, says Pete Griffiths, CEO, Idonix. Sixty’s professionalism and the range of skills that our team learnt in this time were first class. The feedback from demos at BVE was incredibly positive and I look forward to NAB Show visitors experiencing this highly interactive experience next month in Las Vegas.“

The election demo highlights the collaborative and highly efficient process Sixty partners and customers can undertake to ensure proficiency in Ease Live powered interactivity.

Kjetil Horneland, CEO, Sixty, said: “Even the most advanced solutions are meaningless if they are not easy to use or don’t integrate well with the required workflows. I’m delighted that after this training session, Idonix has created a next generation Ease Live election solution that’s broadcast ready and able to make key news events more exciting and meaningful to viewers worldwide, by allowing them to follow the election data in real time.
This is a powerful statement that shows how our partners and customers can use the simplified Ease Live platform to create, manage and deliver their products, either by using their own resources or as a verified partner of Sixty”
, concluded Horneland.

Sixty’s Ease Live solution unifies the linear and online TV experience for broadcasters, providing a consistent brand and design while enabling on-air graphics to come to life by making them interactive across all devices.

Sixty empowers broadcasters, operators and content owners to stand out in the rapidly changing, competitive world of multi-platform TV with solutions that make TV look good and feel right to demanding global audiences. Developed by teams of graphic, broadcast design professionals and developers – a talent pool unique to our industry – Sixty wraps content in a compelling look and feel to drive viewers to broadcasters’ programming. Sixty enables easy implementation of interactive TV, and allows users to quickly design and launch television experiences across any platform or device including linear, web, mobile phones, and tablets. Based in Norway, Sixty innovation creates the Future of Television by delivering rich TV Experiences that make a critical first impression on all-important viewers.

Idonix brings together data feeds, fluid workflows and compelling graphics, enabling producers to tell potentially complex stories in an efficient and engaging way. Ignition, their underlying automation software, makes light work of ingesting and aggregating real-time data feeds, providing focussed and intelligent workflows, and driving live and file-based graphics engines. They have been in the business of graphics automation for over 15 years, working in high status areas such as elections and sport.

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