Taking data from two sources, driving graphics into two simultaneous live broadcasts, all whilst maintaining an API to keep the BBC website up to date. Here's how we did it.

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The Scenario

The EU elections are a complicated beast. Each country has it’s own way of voting, and each country can declare their results at different times and in different ways.

The UK is especially tricky - each region is assigned a number of MEPs, and they are elected via a List system - but on top of that, individual counting areas within each region can report their votes separately, allowing for more granular analysis.

The BBC were putting out two shows, one with a focus on the UK results on the BBC News channel, and the other with a wider focus on the EU as a whole, going out on the BBC World service overseas.

Our Solution

As always, Ignition handled this scenario with ease. One server in Azure pulled data directly from the European parliament, another server at New Broadcasting House in London took granular UK result data from the BBC’s inputters.


Two different suites of graphics were required for the different shows, which we were able to separate into different services, each taking only the relevant data they needed.


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